The following provides an outline of our basic conditions of entry. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure all our children and adults feel comfortable and safe while enjoying our premises.

Important:  Please do not visit Giggle Zone Playland & Cafe if you or your child has experienced Covid-19 related symptoms or any contagious type of illnesses .

  • You are not allowed to bring outside food and drink as we offer a great dining option. 
  • Wearing socks is compulsory for children in the play area. 
  • Children are the responsibility of parents and caregivers only.
  • It is requested to report all the injuries to management immediately.
  • Children without adult supervision won’t be allowed to play and will be handed over to the authorities without exception.
  • Giggle Zone Playland & Cafe won’t accept any responsibility for lost/stolen articles.
  • Smoking and the consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
  • Please follow any government regulations 
  • Giggle Zone is not reasonable for any accidents you may have onsite. 


Under Two Years

Looking for fun ways to interact with your baby?
When babies enter the six or seven months of their life, they notice everything and take interest in the world around them. Giggle Zone offers them an interactive space to learn and play safely. We provide interesting objects and toys for babies to look at and explore the world while building their visual skills.
Early intervention and Child development is our company focus.

Under Five Years

Ready to entertain your toddler?
There are plenty of kid-friendly zones at Giggle Zone, so get ready to entertain your toddler with us! Our team ensures that your child has absolute fun and engages in games as well so you get to go home with a happy and satisfied child and we get to see his/her smiling face again very soon.
Mini land is an amazing zone focusing on Social, communication skills, pretend play and loads more!


Big Kid Area

5-15 Years

Main Zone is all your Preteen needs
You can’t go wrong with dropping your kids off into the play area. We offer a variety of games including slides, trampolines, and a soft play area for them. Who could ask for more when there are so many fun things to do at Giggle Zone, the ideal place for you to relax and for your kids to get their brain juices flowing!
We also have a range of game machines to keep them entertained for hours!
Please ensure you keep an eye out on our events, book here: 

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Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sat-Sun: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Public Holidays: as advertised